Meet the Founder


Hello, my fellow POWERHOUSEs. My name is Lakeisha otherwise affectionately known as Elle Analise. I am an AMCB midwife and a member of the American College of Nurse Midwives. As a woman, mom, midwife and a minority I am passionate about all women and young ladies knowing and believing that they are beautiful, strong, and powerful beyond belief. This beauty, strength, and power comes from within and is outwardly expressed in how we care for our bodies and love the ones who have been entrusted to us. As a midwife it is my life’s goal to make a significant impact on lowering the infant and maternal mortality and morbidity rate within the United States and across the world.



I hope you carry with you this thought, “Our bodies are an amazing and complex asset, we are the most dynamic POWERHOUSE there is! We are capable, we are equipped, and we have been powering life since creation.”

                                     Elle Analise